Applying for Second Citizenship in Dominica and St Kitts

The islands of Dominica and St Kitts are two Caribbean islands which offer second citizenship programs which have been put in place by government. The application process for the second citizenship program in St Kitts and Dominica maybe a bit different but the citizenship requirements (documents) are basically the same. There is a huge difference in the price for second citizenship in the two islands. The investment fees for St Kitts citizenship starts at US$250,000 and goes up to US$450,000. The price for the Dominica second citizenship program starts at US$75,000 and goes up to US$ 100,000.

Obtaining citizenship in Dominica means following a very meticulous process which can be overseen by a registered agent or qualified lawyer. Applicants to the Dominica economic citizenship program must be twenty one (21) years or older. The first step in the process in filling out an application form along with a letter addressed to the minster of government responsible for the second citizenship program. The other requirements for citizenship in Dominica’s second citizenship program re the following: two personal reference letters, professional reference letter, a bank reference letter, letter of employment, a letter stating source of funds, birth certificate, certificate of Marriage or Divorce, police clearance certificates from every country where the individual has resided for six (6) months or more, a detailed business resume for all adults applying into the program and recent medical certificates.

When applying for Second citizenship in Dominica it is required that a single applicant makes an investment of US$100,000. An applicant with a spouse invests US$175,000, and an Applicant with a Spouse and Two Children below 18 years of age is required to invest US$200,000. Provisions are made for families with more than two children, in which case the investment amount will increase. These contributions will only be made if the application is approved by the Financial Services Unit. Due Diligence is carried out for every applicant to the Dominica citizenship program who are 16 years and older. The cost of due diligence is carried by the applicant along with processing fees and stamp fees. The final step in the process is an interview which is carried out in Dominica.

There are two options to consider when applying for St Kitts and Nevis citizenship; the real estate option and the Sugar Diversification Foundation (SIDF) option. The documents necessary for second passport in St Kitts are the same as mentioned above. The real estate option of St Kitts involves making an investment of US$400,000 in a real estate project approved by the St Kitts Government. The SIDF option accepts contribution beginning at US$250,000 for a single applicant up to US$450,000 for an applicant with to six or more dependents. Persons interested in the real estate option must pay processing and due diligence fee.

Applying for dual citizenship in Dominica or St Kitts advantages as citizens of these countries enjoy visa free travel to many countries.

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