Dominica Citizenship and St Kitts Citizenship Compared

The Caribbean islands of Dominica and St Kitts both have second citizenship programs in place which they offer to persons who are not citizens of Dominica and St Kitts by birth, descent, marriage or naturalization. The St Kitts program was the first of its kind in the Caribbean and is called the citizenship by investment program. This has two major options. The St Kitts citizenship program began in 1984. The Dominica citizenship by investment program is known as the Dominica economic citizenship program and it started in 1991 and also has two main options.

For entry into the Dominica second citizen program and the St Kitts second citizenship program economic contributions must be made to the government of each country. The procedure to follow (paperwork and document) is similar in both countries but there are different prices for each program.

For the Dominica economic citizenship program a single person can apply by making An investment of US$100,000 and a family (Applicant and Spouse) can gain entrance into the program by investing US$175,000 to the economy of the country. A third option requires an investment of US$200,000 for a family of four (Applicant, Spouse, and Two Children below 18 years). Families with more than two children can still apply as there are provisions made for these applicants.

For the St Kitts program an applicant gains entry into the real estate option of its second citizenship program by making an investment in real estate project designated by the government. The contribution starts at US$400,000. The other option is the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation option where entry starts at US$250,000 for one applicant and goes up to US$450,000 for an applicant with six or more dependents.

The Dominica second citizenship program is clearly the most affordable program available. The Real estate option can also be considered a good investment as the applicant will own the property which can be kept or sold after five (5) years of gaining entrance into the second citizenship program.

The Dominica second citizenship program and the St Kitts Citizenship program qualify successful applicants for passports of the respective countries. Both countries are members of the Commonwealth of Nations therefore qualifying passport holders to visa free travel to Commonwealth nations. A passport obtained in the Dominica and St Kitts second citizenship program qualifies persons to visa free travel to other countries.

Both countries have very strict laws laid down governing entry into the second passport program. Due diligence must be carried out for each individual enrolled in the program above the age of sixteen (16) in each country where the individual have resided for a period of over six (6) months. Due diligence fees are paid separately from the contributions made.

The Dominica and St Kitts second citizenship programs are both very good programs to use when considering dual citizenship.

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