Dominica Citizenship Program

The Dominica citizenship by investment Program which is also known as the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program was introduced in 1991 and has been successfully ongoing since then. A qualifying candidate with the Dominica citizenship program will be able to apply for a passport of the Commonwealth of Dominica and will not be asked to renounce their present citizenship. The Dominica Passport through investment Program is considered to be one of the best in the Caribbean region.

Dominica citizenship can be obtained through various legal conditions which includes birth, marriage, through parents and marriage however Section 101 of the constitution of Dominica allows persons to obtain citizenship of Dominica through the Dominica economic Citizenship program. Dominica citizenship application must be made through a registered agent in Dominica who will handle the necessary paperwork in a process which is very well regulated and supervised.

The Dominica second citizenship program gives participants various options from which to choose when applying for Dominica citizenship: the family option for a couple (Applicant and Spouse); the Single Option (Single Applicant); and another Family Option for Family of Four (Applicant, Spouse and Two Children below 18 years). The family option for a couple requires that an investment of US$175,000 be made. A couple with two children who are not yet the age of 18 has to make an investment of US$200,000. A couple (Applicant and Spouse) invests US$175,000. Further provisions and investment values are made for families with more than 2 children. There are additional fees which must be paid for Dominica citizenship program which are processing fees, an application fee, stamp fee and naturalization fees.

The applicants to the Dominica economic citizenship program must be over the age of 21. It must be noted that very thorough Due Diligence is carried out in applicants to the second citizenship program and therefore only persons with upstanding characters will be chosen which is a means of ensuring that the country is protected. An application form which is signed by the applicant must be submitted along with a letter which is addressed to the Minister of responsible for the economic citizenship program.

The Dominica second citizenship requirements are the following: personal references, professional references, bank recommendation, original birth certificates, marriage certificates or divorce certificates where applicable, an affidavit declaring source of funds for the investor, police records must be provided for all applicants above the age of sixteen (16) (and must be obtained in every country where persons have lived for more than six (6) months), certified passport seized photos ( a total of four per person), letter of employment and medical certificates.

The process of application for Dominica second passport program requires that the applicant be present in Dominica for an interview which is conducted in English. It is required that all participants have a basic knowledge of the English Language and knowledge of the island of Dominica. Once an applicant has been approved for Dominica second citizenship an oath will be taken which makes the individual a citizen of Dominica. The citizen may then apply for a Dominica passport.

The process for Dominica second citizenship is well supervised and very well regulated. The process itself is very thorough. Due Diligence is carried out by independent agencies and must be paid for by the applicant. This is to ensure the integrity of the Dominica economic citizenship process.

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