Second Citizenship Programs

Second citizenship or dual citizenship programs is accepted by many countries in the world. Economic citizenship/second citizenship programs exist in just two countries- Dominica and St Kitts Nevis. Panama is worth mentioning as it has programs which qualify an individual for a Panama passport but not citizenship. There are other programs in Panama which offers residency and can eventually lead to obtaining Panama nationality.

It is said to be the best economic citizenship program available today. The second citizenship program of St Kitts have two options under which individuals can become second citizen of the country; the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) option and the real estate option. The Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation was set up by the government of St Kitts as a means of generating incomes to open new industries and avenues for creating employment for persons who were previously employed by the sugar industry in that country.

St Kitts citizenship through real estate investment program entails an applicant making a minimum investment of US$400,000 into a real estate project on the island. In addition to the investment fee for second citizenship, there are other processing, due diligence and purchase fees to be paid. Property purchased for second citizenship cannot be sold before it is owned wholly for no less than five years. If the property is sold after five years the new owner does not loose second citizenship.

The SIDF option has four contibution categories which includes a single applicant, an applicant with three or four and up to six dependents. Persons who qualify as dependents are spouses and children below the age of eighteen. The contributions which are made for second citizenship under the SIDF option are non-refundable and starts at US$250,000 and go up to US$450,000. Already included in the non refundable contributions are government fees and due diligence fees.

The Dominica citizenship by investment program (established in 1993) offers dual citizenship through an economic citizenship program. The Dominica second citizenship program offers several options; two main Family Options and a Single Option. Citizenship requirements stipulate that persons applying for a family consisting of the applicant, spouse and two children below 18 make a contribution of US$200,000; while an investment of US$100,000 is needed for a Single Applicant. There is also a family option consisting of the applicant and spouse for an investment of US$175,000. Provisions are made for families with more than two children 18 and above. There are processing fees, stamp fees, application fees and naturalization fees to be paid. Due diligence is required for all candidates over the age of 16 and the fee for such is paid for by the applicant.

The Panama passport program enables an applicant to gain a passport of the country which can be renewed after five years. This program does not offer second citizenship. The process is rather easy; a deposit is made into the Panama National Bank which can guarantee interest of US$750 monthly. Applications are made to the government, if the authorities approve a Panama passport can be obtained in one month.

The various programs which make second citizenship and second passport available to persons come with lots of benefits.

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