St Kitts Citizenship Program

The St Kitts Citizenship Program which was launched in 1984 and continues to this date is a very well managed second citizenship program. This type of Second Citizenship Program in of very few found in the world. The St Kitts and Nevis dual citizenship programs offers individuals the chance of owning a second passport with which they can travel visa free to many countries in the world. One of the options of the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship program allows applicants to make real estate investments which are very lucrative on the island.

There are two (2) basic options available to applicants of the St Kitts second citizenship programs; the Real estate option and the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation ( from here on referred to as SIDF) option. Both options under this dual citizenship program are designed to give applicants an easy means to gain second citizenship as well as a passport of the Caribbean country of St Kitts. St Kitts second citizenship can be obtained with the use of a registered agent who will prepare and file all official documents and act as a mediator between the applicants and the relevant government departments.

Obtaining St Kitts dual citizenship through the Real Estate Option as the name suggests means making a significant investment in St. Kitts property. Please bear in mind that the Government of St Kitts and Nevis has already set aside specific real estate properties and real estate development for this purpose. The investment made on the real estate option of the St Kitts second citizenship program starts at a minimum of US$ 400,000. Real estate purchased under this program cannot be sold before five (5) years after the date of purchase.

In addition to this sum, other of fees must be paid for entry into the dual citizenship programs. These fees will include a government fee of US$50,000 for the main applicant and other persons on the application who are 18 years and older (not including a spouse). Dependents or family members under 18 and spouses pay an additional US$25,000 per person. Due diligence fees must also be paid for each person above the age of sixteen (16). Due diligence fees are set up at US$7,500 for the main applicant and US$4,000 per eligible candidate. Processing fees are also paid as part of this option of the St Kitts dual citizenship program. There is no set rate for processing fee as each case is unique.

The SIDF option of the second citizenship program of St Kitts comes with four options. Each option requires a nonrefundable contribution to be made to the SIDF as part of citizenship requirements. The SIDF which was set up by the St Kitts Government has been around since 2006 and was devised as a means of generating much needed capital to open up new industries in the country which would replace the defunct sugar industry and provide employment for a large section of the local population. Option A of the SIDF option only allows for application of St Kitts dual citizenship for one (1) individual providing that a contribution of US$250,000 is made. Option B makes provisions for one applicant with up to three (3) dependents. The contribution is US$300,000. Option C gives one applicant along with up to five (5) dependents the opportunity to become dual citizens with a contribution of US$350,000. The final option which is set at a contribution of US$450,000 allows one applicant with six (6) or more dependents to become citizens of St Kitts. Government registration fees are covered in the contributions made towards the SIDF. Processing fees and due diligence fees are not included depends on each case.

The documents which are important when applying for St Kitts Second citizenship program are certified copies of passport, Birth certificates, Police Records, Bank Records, Marriage certificates or Divorce Certificate, Bank References, Passport Photos and Medical records. Once the Government of St Kitts approves of Second citizenship application the relevant action can be put in lace to obtain a St Kitts passport. The St Kitts Second citizenship program is one of the most respected citizenship program of its kind. This dual citizenship program is well supervised.

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